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HELP! i removed my downloading torrent by accident!


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i was downloading a fairly big torrent file, and i accidentally removed it. how do i start up the torrent again, without having to re-do the whole thing? can i start from where i left off?

the torrent is an .iso file if anyone needs to know. if you need any more info, just say the word.

please help. any help will be appreciated very much. thanks.

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sorry, i didnt quite get that.

i havent deleted the file. it's still there.

i dont know where the .torrent file is, but i do know where the .iso file is. are they the same thing? can you give me an "idiot-proof" guide on how to do this?

can you please help me out by telling me exactly what to do?

where is this "%AppData%\uTorrent" that you're talking about? any other steps i have to follow, etc.?

thanks a lot.

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