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Internet Explorer stops responding when I do a utorrent Search


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Can anybody out ther help please?

I have a Laptop running with XP.

I downloaded utorrent as I have before on my other laptop.

When I do a search I get a list of found items but at that point IE stops responding and

I have to use task manager to end it.

I dont have this problem on my other laptop (the one my wife monopolises).

I have scanned for viruses/malware etc and al is ok.

I have AVG anti virus and se AD-Ware SE spyware software.

The same happens with both IE6 and IE7.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Hiya Jewish,

Yes I'm using the search box in utorrent. IE is the only browser I have.

'Are you using Ctrl-P -> Advanced --> Bypass.search.redirect ?'

What is that all about?

Sorry but I am not a computer wiz, just a humble home user.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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There is a setting in µTorrent.

Open up Preferences in µTorrent with CTRL+P (or click on the menus to get to it).

Choose the Advanced tab at the bottom left.

In the list of Advanced options, find "gui.bypass_search_redirect", click on it to highlight it...set it to "TRUE" and click OK at the bottom.

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