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Some trackers offline,some no problems...is ISP blocking?-see coding


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Well, I've tried many things to solve this one, and now need help!!

(names and passkeys changed below!!)

Firstly, all below related to various private trackers...

some work perfecly fine, others not at all...

...for example:

Tracker A in utorrent used the address as follows and works like a dream:


...nice Blue download and Green uploads!!

Trackers using this form of adress always seem to work no problem.

while Trackers using addresses in the form:


reports: Tracker Offline (timeout), No seeds, no peers.

This happens with all trackers using the address in this form - and I know that they are not all offline.

I've tested with the Open Office torrent which has addresses of the form:


and it does NOT download!!! Seeds: 0(158), Peers 0(19)

The error is slighly different: Target machine actively refusing connection

I know my ISP doesnt like torrents (somethings about a layer 7 block) but the basics are that some work perfectly fine in both download and upload, and some not al all....

So is it an ISP issue? Can they block the addresses depending on the form they take? How do I get around this?

HELP !!!

The small print:

Incidentally, I have tried all of the following:

# Disable IP resolving in the Peers tab context menu - DONE

# Try disabling DHT (Can be found in Preferences > BitTorrent) - DONE

# Try disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP (Can be found in Preferences > Connection)- DONE

# Try disabling peer.resolve_country if it isn't already set to false (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced) - DONE

# Try lowering maximum global number of connections to 200? 100? 50? (Can be found in Preferences > BitTorrent) - DONE - using 50

# Lower net.max_halfopen to 4 (Can be found in Preferences > Advanced) - DONE - using 4

# Patched TCPIP.sys (Windows XP w/ SP2, Windows 2003 w/ SP1, or newer)? Windows Vista users can try this out, but no guarantees are made. Users not on Windows XP w/ SP2, Windows 2003 w/ SP1, Windows Vista, or newer can skip this step. - DONE - just in case !!

# Connect your computer directly to the modem to make sure the problem is not caused by the router - MAKES NO DIFFERENCE

# Restart your computer, modem, and router after performing any of the above - UNFORTUNATELY NO CHANGE !

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