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Speed Problem, Icon Problem, Port Problem


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Hey i am using uTorrent for a year now, and i never got the Green Icon, i can't do portforwarding because i dont have a router, cause i am connected with a provider which doesnt allow me to access router, so is there any possibility to help me out, i use Kaspersky Internet Security and the uTorrent is not firewalled.

My Download speed is 512k and upload speed is 128... and i never get more then 30kbps i should get at least 45 or 50...

Here is the screenshot:


ThnX in Advance :)

p.s sorry for my bad english...

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As far as the router that you cannot configure is concerned, if UPnP doesn't work...then there's nothing you can do really. (Besides changing ISPs.)

Try running Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing the xx/128k setting to match your upload speed max.

You may be able to set an alternate upload speed (while not downloading/only seeding) 1-2 KiloBYTES/sec higher.

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