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Confused...a little explanation here please


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Ok i could say im new to torrents. I have a 1mbit adsl through my fathers company here at home (router,firewalled). When im downloading i usually get speeds like 10-30kbps (i already faced the fact that im behind a router and a firewall). Usually in the peer list the speeds are about 0.1-5kbps from specific peer. But every once in a while i check and the speeds are around 70-80kbps WOW - because there shows up a !peer! (only one :( ) that i download from with speed of 30-50kbps (plus all the lame 0.1-2kbps download speeds from other peers). So how is it possible??

specs: seeds:11(34) peers:59(280) ; NAT error (my father cant forward this port because of some reasons i dont know)

max upload speed: 20kbps

global max connections: 200

max conn of peers per torrent:110

num of upload slots:11

upnp: disabled (im on Win2000)

i havent changed any of the advanced settings!


ps:i searched but i didnt find an answer to this.

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If so , that sounds pretty normal...one decent peer (who doesn't cap his upstream)

I think you'll find people with the capability to upload at > 50KiB/s to multiple peers pretty rare... I personally have a fairly decent connection into my home and can only upload to two peers that fast...

More likely someone with a seeding box jumped on the torrent; he's probably on a private tracker.

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