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Constant "Network Connection Problems"


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First: I have Comcast.

I've used uTorrent for a while without portforwarding or setting up a static ip. I decided I'd set up a static ip and portforward because my downloads maxed at 80kb or so and I normally download 1 - 1.5mb/s not using a torrent. My uploads max around 12kb no matter what I try.

I followed the guides exactly and set it all up. Works fine except I get disconnected every 2 minutes. (Annoying Windows pop-up box "Network Cable is Unplugged")

I thought it may be a router conflict with the static ip or something to do with the portforwarding.

My Troubleshooting:

I disabled the uTorrent port forwarding and it fixed it, well it stopped the Network cable unplugged pop-up but everything is slow. I left the static ip alone.

Why can't I portforward uTorrent?

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Comcrap dislikes p2p apps. They have several methods for dealing with this. They are allowed to shape your traffic and disconnect / "reset" your cable modem to re-initialize peers/connections.

As a fix for their automated tasks, try setting upload lower by 10% and keep going until you don't get a disconnect for 10 mins (on my .5 Mbit line, that means i only use .25 Mbit). It could also be that the hardware cannot handle the connections... What is your max set at? I would not go over 200 global, and that is being generous according to the views of some here. remember the more active connections the more overhead, and therefore the less efficiency. I have calculated ~ 1 KBps constant per 100 peer connections (as seen from Alt-H-S)

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I've got ComCast and they're disconnecting my seeding so much I have a VERY hard time staying connected to 5 peers across 3 torrents that supposedly have ~35 total peers on them.

Encryption is a MUST, and outgoing encrypted connections seem to be vastly more stable than any others. These are almost always on a port by themselves, while incoming connections are ALL on the same port...and get disconnected often.

I see peers connect to me (or me to them), I start uploading to them, they are sending requests back...and everything seems to run perfectly for 30-38 seconds and they spontaneously disconnect.

At its worst, I'd even disable upload speed limit and just let Speed Boost kick in...which seems totally unconnected with the disconnects. When I do that, I've seen a peer connect and I'd upload to it as fast as 200 KiloBYTES/sec (my normal max is only ~42 KiloBYTES/sec)...and they'd disconnect at 30-38 seconds in.

If anything, a high half open connection rate seems to make the disconnect rate worse...were that possible. So if I get more than 5 "sold" connections, I've set my half open rate to ZERO and just accepted new connections because I'm not firewalled in µTorrent. I still see immense connection churn (connect, run for 30-38 secs, disconnect) even doing that. :(

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