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Fast, followed by slow jumpy download speeds.


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Ok, here's the deal.

I used to download fine with average speeds at 40+.

Until recently where most of my downloads start off going from 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 then suddenly......50 - 24 - 5 - 1 - ..... - 0.5 - 1 - 0.7 - 0.8 - 0 ....... it goes on like that for eternity. With a usual 5 or below and a jump every so often of 10+ for twenty secs or so.

I forwarded many ports like 45679 and 56789 and everytime I check it says ERROR - Port ****** ain't open!!!

I also get hash fails often and I hate them in general.


Here's a graph of my downloads starting off fantastic and then plummeting into the dirt.


I use a Netgear WGR614 v7.

The torrent is currently 5(44) 15(59) though it keeps rising and dropping rapidly.

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I believe the torrents I'm using are fine so yeah I doubt they're poisoned.

I have 496 RAM and I've been using this computer for about a year.

The Utorrent I'm using is 1.7.5, but I don't think its a specific p2p program as the same problem happened with Azureus.

EDIT: It seems when I reset my bans the speed sometimes rises to 20-30 for several minutes before more bans where it will drop back down to 5-7. Is there anyway to force it to stop banning?

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with hashfails happening THAT frequently there is a problem somewhere.

RAM or the swarm or some other program interfering with uT.

Also just the graph gives no indication of swarm health. the first hour could be do to a new swarm, with limited seeds and low availability, over time with generally un-generous peers uploading little, download speeds suffer for the whole swarm

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You don't seem to understand WHY the peers are banned. Banned peers send bad data. If you want to give the peer more opportunity to send good data you want to raise the bt.ban_threshold . The default is if > 5 in 128 pieces received from a peer are bad (hashfail) the peer is banned.

Unbanning the peer results in increased download time because the peer which has previously sent bad data (and presumably will still send bad data in the future) is taking up your bandwidth where a better peer who does not hashfail could send you data and result in the download finishing faster.

Fast speed does not matter if the data received is bad. On that specific torrent check the Wasted: on the General tab. It will tell you how much total bandwidth was wasted, and of that how much was due to hashfails.

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Yeah that download went at 25 average with no fails. So my download must be poisoned. That can't be helped I guess, but I'm still wondering why I can't open a port properly.

EDIT: BTW, I set my bt.ban_threshold to infinity so it's going full speed now but its obviously wasting a bit of download on nothing. But realistically I'm getting this done about 20 times faster and even when I ran it on only 5 threshold I was picking up heaps of bad hashes.

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