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Problems with Ca firewall Capfsem.exe guide to fixing it.. maybe


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ok a lot of people have been having a lot of problems with this fire wall and utorrent mostly with capfsem.exe easiest thing to do is just switch to a new firewall. but if you want to keep it try some of this thing it may or may not work.

1. try port forwarding if you don't know how to do, this site has guides. http://portforward.com/guides.htm

2. make sure your anti-spyware isn't constantly quarantine utorrent. make exclusion it should be the folder located at C:\document and setting\(username) or owner\application data\utorrent<---exclude that folder

3.check your task manager and make sure your not running 2 capfsem.exe if you are just close the one that's causing the problem

if none of these work just get a new firewall these are some that are free Sygate Personal Firewall seem to be really good or zone alarm well good luck.

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