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Hi, is it possible to create a new torrent using dynamic ip address, if is it nescessary to remain on the same connection until someone else seeds the torrent or is it possible to seed part, and then seed rest later. My problem is that i have a file i know a number of people want, but am using a laptop and the connection at work, and have to take it when i leave, Thanks in adv.


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Creating the torrent is the same for whatever connection you are on.

However, if you are utilizing the built-in tracker for this torrent, you will need to be SURE to keep the same hostname:port.

An alternative would be to not include a tracker URL and have the people only get at it through DHT... Let me tell you when they say "limited" internal tracker, it is. I'm not sure what was the hold-up when I used it but it took 1 hour > x > 30 minutes for any peers to see me or for the tracker to register (via scrape) there were peers besides me on the torrent.

Some of this is moot if you KNOW the people getting the file(s) inside the torrent. You can always manually add ip:port into the Peers tab of the torrent. Since you're in a work environment I can almost guarantee you will be firewalled, so you will need to make sure the recipients are forwraded correctly and can accept incoming connections.

Hope this helps. :D Also check the Guides link in my signature.

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