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Port forwarding on a shared connection.


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just a quick question. i have four computers on my wireless network, 3 wireless and 1 via LAN.

all four computers use utorrent.

The main problem i am having is that once a computer which has been forwarded starts downloading, this practically kills the internet browsing on all the other computers. This obviously creates problems with other users of the network.

when none of the computers are forwarded then all seems to be going ok, except for lower download rates on utorrent.

would it be better to have all four computers forwarded, or none at all?

thanks in advance

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holy @)(*&. yea 4 computers trying to share 1 link ... bad bad especially if they're ALL setup to use the maximum rate for your link.

Is it possible to set one of the computers as a "master" downloader, where people can set stuff to download to their share folder (for example) so only one uT needs to be configured?

Barring that, you really should set the Ctrl-G settings at 1/4 of what they are currently at...

To answer your direct query, it's not forwarding which is the problem most likely. It is that all computers are trying to upload at the maximum rate of your line.

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