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Ports not open?


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I followed the guide on portforward.com for Belkin FSD9230-4 but the Virtual Server interface differed from the real one. Since you just put the port into internal/external start/stop I put the port number,x, into Inbound x-x and Private x-x.(Instead of saying External/Internal it had Inbound/Private) I used my own static IP for "Private IP address" and since there was no TCP/UDP option I made two, one for TCP and one for UDP. uTorrent is set to "Permit all" in my Norton Worm Protection section (The only section I could find where I can set exceptions). Windows Firewall is off.

What did I do wrong/what more should I do so that I can get a reasonable download speed? The yellow ! is there and my downspeed is about 1kbps

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