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Utorrent and Belkin Wireless G router. Internet connection drops.


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I have a Belkin Wireless G router. When opening Utorrent it causes my network connection to drop.

If i close Utorrent my connection comes back up.

I have tried the following:-

Updated the firmware on the router

Changed the number of global connections to 50.

turned off Upnp

turned off DHT

Lowered net.max_halfopen and bt.connect_speed

fixed 4226 tcp it event error.

port forwarding is working fine and i get a green tick in utorrent.

Run out of ideas now

I am using Vista 64bit. and utorrent 1.7.5 on Intel Quad core processor.


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When i mean it drops, i mean the internet light on the router goes off and i loose all internet connectivity to my pc. As soon as i close Utorrent the light comes back up.

I have encrypted the traffic.

the application itself seems to work ok with no errors. just utorrent causing the router to loose internet connection. I dont upload much at all so it wont be a heavy using thing.

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Try these again

1. change the number of global connections to 50.

2. turn off DHT

3. turn off UPnP

AND then

4. choose a new port number.

5. Set up forwarding to the new port number, and

6. be sure to delete previous rules that allowed the previous port numbers.

If this helps, it's because incoming DHT queries and incoming connection requests to the old port number was still causing your Belkin's NAT table to fill and run out of memory. By changing your port number and ending the forwarding of your old port number, these incoming packets will no longer create entries in your NAT table.

UPnP may or may not be involved, assuming that it is involved is a harmless bet.

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