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uTorrent saves all downloads to c:


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I'm having a really strange problem thats becoming really annoying.

When adding a new torrent to uTorrent and choosing where to save it (typically E:/Torrent) it cant be found anywhere? If i righclick on the torrent and choose "open folder" I'm being directed to c:/documents but the downloaded files arent there neither.

Space is lost on C: according to the filesize of the torrent but it doesnt exist anywhere in C: nor E:.

If I look at "save as:" when higlighting the torrent the path is correct. I have now been forced to go over to BitComet and frankly it sucks. Anyone know what to do?

Thanks in advance / Marcus

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Well yes, it doesnt matter if 0.1 or 100% i finished. Correct path under "save as", diskspace dissapearing but no torrent anywhere. The uTorrent ghost?

Maybe just reinstall? Will my rss-feeds and settings remain?


I have now found out that all my downloads are being placed in C:/downloads. A folder I have never before used for anything. I really don't wanna reinstall uTorrent and loose all my configurations and rss-feeds. Is there any config.txt or something that i can look in to check that everything is correct?

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You can use the Bencode file editor in my signature to check your .dat files.

As stated in the support thread, PLEASE BACKUP your files prior to usage with the program, even though it does not change the files until you select SAVE, the author is not responsible for broken files.

Also to respond to your query, the .dat files in your uTorrent settings directory contain all information. RSS is stored in its own file. So are the active torrents (resume.dat). And the initialization settings including default save-to directory are in settings.dat .

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