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Web UI - Invalid Request


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I'm using uTorrent 1.7.5 stable on a MS Vista Home Basic fileserver in my home.

I've enabled the webui interface. The ip of the server is and the port is 12184 which is 'open' according to uTorrent's internal diagnostics.

I'm trying to connect to the file server from another workstation on my home network at running XP Pro full patched under IE 7 using the URL:

All I get is 'invalid request'

Any suggestions?


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The invalid request error looks like this:


If you have a different problem then this is the wrong topic to read and post in. Please check this topic for other problems and info.

Back on topic:

In short 'Invalid Request' means that you did connect to µtorrent but connected to its 'incoming connections' listener instead of the webui.

This happens when:

  • you didn't enable the webui
  • you mistyped or forgot the /gui/ part of the url (like in the example above)
  • you connected to the µtorrent port instead of the webui alt port (IF you enabled it)
  • you are not in the restricted list* (IF you enabled it by filling in one or more addresses)
  • you are entering a request url (an url with a ? in it) without supplying the (correct) token (IF webui.token_auth** is enabled), too late in the list of GET variables.

* Under some circumstances the restricted list might have 'NaN' in it. If this is the case anybody trying to access the webui will get an invalid request error, to solve this issue simply empty the restricted list.

** Having this enabled is a GOOD thing. It increases security greatly. As of 2.0 it is even enabled by default. See this topic for more info.

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