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PICASSO in utorrent or fu**ing bad connection?


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hi guys, i'm italian, so i apologize if my grammar is'nt perfect.

i report to you this image, so you can see it and tell me what do you think about it.

not only my download speed unbelievably jumps from high speed to none, but upload too (upload jumps are regular and in 10 seconds it reaches the top speed, about 2.0kb\s, and then comes back to 0.2-0.5; download jumps are not so regular)!

I use windows sp2, i have avast! antivirus with p2p protection inactive, my ports are opened and works fine, everything runs on athlon x2 3800, dfi lanparty NF4; the green light in utorrent is everytime on; i have a 10Mb/s connection.

I hope i've said everything you need to understand the problem

thank you very much!


--another link if the previous one doesn't works--


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OK, the graphic shows behaviour you describe, but is your question why does it do that? OR why doesn't it go to 100%?

In the former case, it is possible the peers you connect are also connected to several peers and to be fair they don't always have you as an upload slot..

In the latter case, as the previous moderators were asking about hashfails / bad data.

If under the General tab you do not see > 1.000 availability, then the torrent will not continue to download, until a seeder comes on.

Being that you are connected to so many peers.. Let me Guess under Ctrl-G you show maximum of something like 400 peers and 100 per torrent?

You don't really need that many peers. Even 50 or lower (the above moderators would probably recommend no more than 20 per torrent) can max out your line.

If this is not at all what you are asking, could you re-state your question?

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yeah, my question was why it jumped so often! but yesterday, after reading your comments in other posting i put peer per torrent = 80, maximum connections = 900 and number of upload slot per torrent = 3

now it does no longer jumps in upload speed, in download it does, but less than before, i think it's normal... and the speeds are acceptable, even if not high as when i first installed the program (but the problem is that i've never changed this parameters!! and i'm the only one using this computer..) and some months ago it was reaching speeds about 700kb\s per torrent!

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Many ISPs have a corporate policy to sabotage BitTorrent traffic in ALL sorts of clever ways, some more successful than others. :P

Some of the latest equipment they use to do this often costs $100,000 (US Dollars) or more...and they need that on every trunk line and/or at every internet gateway. This is above and beyond all the older-style traffic shaping equipment they probably already have.

Their goal is not customer satisfaction, but rather maximum profit...yet they often end up achieving neither in this manner.

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lol, I understand your frustration, but please try to keep your temper level-headed ;)

As far as Switeck's post... MAN these IHVs are making a killing... meanwhile the consumer pays in the end.

I REALLY REALLY hope whatever lawsuit Comcast is hit with will end in results. Sure it won't happen until the 2020 olympics, but hey at least it's gonna be in the news.

OOOOH! by that time Australia may even have more competition in the ISP arena, and not be constricted to ABSURD downloading caps and time schedules.... Source as one of many reported.

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