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Error: The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrec


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I am downloading a tv show that comes out every week... it used to d/l without problems... but last week it downloaded 10% and then a red X appeared next to the torrent name (where a down arrow should be) with the following Error: The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.

So i thought maybe it's the tracker or seeder's problem... so i skipped downloading that week. This week i tried downloading another episode and showed me the same error.

What is the problem? How can i solve it?

Thank you

All other torrents work fine... just have problems with this specific tv show... but problem started last week... before that, it was downloading fine...

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I just posted in a similar track (apologies if this pisses anyone off). I have this problem all the time if I leave folder options set to ask me. I am using 1.3 build 364. If I set a location in the options folders menu then tortrents will be saved. This is not a path problem - I do save to a network drive - because all other BT clients (bitcomet, Asurius etc) work. It is not a unicode problem and is reproducable 100% of the time.

Any ideas.

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i guess it's an old torrent in ANSI encodig, the filename has full-width Janapese character like " or ", and the .torrent did not specified corresponding encoding.

try to open the .torrent with any hexEditor, the last byte should be "e", insert "8:encoding9:Shift-JIS" before the last "e". remove old torrent task from µT and re-add this new .torrent, it should work if the encoding is correct(i can't sure the Japanese encoding = Shift-JIS).

i do this many times on SimplifiedChinese torrents with "8:encoding4:GBK", they all work correctly.

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