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Speed/firewall question


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Hi everyone,

Am new to this forum and also to using uTorrent and would be grateful for some advice...

I'm using wireless - a Belkin router on Virgin media in the UK.

I haven't been able to set up port forwarding as my providor doesn't seem to allow me to use a static IP address - there is no connectivity if I try.

My question is this: In my router's settings, there is an option to disable the internal firewall. If I do this, even without having applied a static IP address (so still using dynamic) will the ports necessary to run utorrent at optimal speeds be opened? As it is now, I'm downloading etc at snails pace...

Any advice really appreciated.



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This sounds like a confusion with INTERNAL versus EXTERNAL IP.

Your external IP is what everyone in the internet sees : http://whatismyipaddress.com

Your INTERNAL IP is what you / your router set (commonly in 192.168.x.x). Additionally your modem can usually be found along or thereabouts.

Check if your router allows UPnP. that negates the need for manually forwarding the port.

Also if you want to DHCP your IP, check if your router allows MAC address matching. (that's the address of your network card -- no two are alike in the world)

Also you can check http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ for the effectiveness of your settings. I"m not sure if they setup seeds in the UK... but it can't hurt anyway :P

Also be aware the port test from Ctrl-G is not 100% accurate. There are people who are working 100% who show firewalled. Similarly I guess it can show firewalled people as connectable (though that's a much rarer occurance0.

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