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banning a specific peer... not the client.


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OK, you are all snuggied up in your little download mode and some ^$$#*)) is trying to feed bad pieces (a specific peer), and you know who it is... But I cannot (or at least have not yet) found a way to stop the little bugger from feeding my download full of 'failed hash check' pieces. Can anyone tell me in no uncertain terms: Is there a way to block a specific peer, not a competing torrent client, a person or (I think maybe...) a bot??? This critter is out of China and I think it is a purposeful attempt to introduce malevalent code.

Is there a script possible? (second question)

Any help or ideas would be mucho appreciated.

steaming in the paddy,


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You want this http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_is_ipfilter.dat.3F

Remote scripting in this implementation is impossible in the current version, or at least unverified. The only data you download is what was in the original seed files. Also someone would have undoubtedly commented on the torrent if it were an exploit.

There was a bug in pre 1.6.1 where malformed torrents could compromise the system. (A search on your favourite search engine will corroborate this).

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