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Detailed Speed Graph - Download Bar


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I think you guys should add a little box in the graph along with the mouse when its hoovered over the graph lines showing the time and speed. And please consider adding more resolution with a grid adding up to atleast 24 HRs.

The Download Bar is a neat feature and it would be nice to see the Download Bar on another machine on the network, if there is any way of doing it.I know the Web UI can be used for remote viewing but I think the Download Bar is small and has all the info you need, and doesn't require opening up a browser or anything.

-rephrased in Italic

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Regarding the resolution point: Please read here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31007

As far as I know, exporting the download bar is not available on another computer, let alone on the same computer under a different username.

The hWND (window handle) that shows the information is set in userspace.

Also you may want to look in the WebUI forum. There are other add-ons which "plug-in" to the WebUI functionality. Call them what you will, I dislike the "widget" term since it was originally the name for a program called Konfabulator's addons.

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