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Having some speed issues?


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was using azareus before switching to Utorrent... On AZ when i first d/l it i was getting around 150-160 kb/s downloaded, but it dropped down to around 3-5 kb/s for each download..

I switched to Utorrent because I heard it is faster, and last night I was getting 150-156 kb/s d/l but lately its been around 30-35kb/s for one or two torrents... cant get the speed up anymore...

even the slackware d/l on the utorrent site only got around 70 before dropping ot the 20 reange...

I dont get it... myfirewall is good, my port is forwarded, I setup the speed guide properly. and was getting decent speeds...

could it be the file I am d/ling?


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