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Crashing version 1.2.2


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Searched the forums, couldn't find anything I haven't already tried.

Version 1.2.2 crashes when I leave it on for periods of time. It has never actually crashed while I was at the computer. The programs I have running are Daemon Manager, Microsoft Antispyware, Trillian3, and the NVidia settings icon. I turned Nvidia firewall off and exited the program, but this hasn't helped. When utorrent crashes, the contents of the utorrent window become a blank white window but you can still move the window, or if it is in tray mode you can't right-click on the icon. Also it seems to be using more memory than I would expect - 13,000K and continuously rising - likely the problem. Why is it leaking memory?



So I did some deeper digging (specifically after I remembered the term "memory leak" and found that I should completely uninstall the Nvidia firewall, instead of just quitting out of the program. I went to add/remove programs, should I get rid of "NVIDIA Forceware Network Access Manager" completely to get rid of the firewall?

I uninstalled the ForceWare Network Access Manager but it did nothing - when I look at utorrent.exe in Taskmanager the RAM usage still goes up - perhaps a bit slower since before I uninstalled this stuff and disabled DHT. The usage starts at about 8MB when the program is started and then it goes up slowly.

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