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Change Status-column entries of uploading-only torrents to "Uploading"


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When a torrent having less than 100% "Done" has been started in seed-only mode by the scheduler (pink colour-code in the schedule timetable), its Status description in the main pane is shown as "Downloading".

Isn't this a bit confusing, as it's not downloading at all? How about changing the Status entry to "Uploading"?

Showing Status as "Downloading" could result in some uTorrent users stopping the torrent because they may think that the Status means that actual downloading may resume at any time. The intermittent appearance of overhead traffic in the Down Speed column could reinforce this misconception.

Also re. seed-only torrents, in Preferences >> Scheduler, the list of meanings of the colour codes used in the timetable does not include pink for seed-only.

I think there is plenty of room for Mr Pink. There might even be room to put a hint as to how to set it (press Shift).

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