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some very weird happenings


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Hi, I have version 1.6. Over the past 2 days all the files in my download list have moved into alphabetical order. So those that are seeding / not started / currently downloading are all mixed up in the list. Previously the the downloading ones were at the top, followed by those seeding and the yet-to-be started ones at the bottom of the list.

Also each time I start uTorrent, it forces a re-check on the incompleted files.

I noted this morning that the 2 files I have downloading are constantly changing position on the list. The 2nd into top position, and 1st into 2nd position. This is happening constantly about every 15 seconds or so.

We've also had a lot of power outages over the past 2 days, so it seems this could have something to do with the weird problems. Is there some sort of re-set process I could try, or any other suggestions?

I'm quite happy with the 1.6 version, and would rather not update if possible. Thanks in advance.

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you clicked the "name" column. Click on the status column header to sort by that ;)

When uT is closed un-expectedly or with running torrents there is a recheck upon reopening. As a "fix" for uT closing too quickly, you can try bt.graceful_shutdown under Ctrl-P -> Advanced.

(Edit: 1.6 ... errrr , if this is new behaviour something changed at your end. To get anymore help they will tell you to update :/)

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