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Can I enter new folders and move pending downloads to these new dirs?


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After installation I worked for a while now with the default settings for the download folders.

Currently I am waiting for the finish of a huge download.

Can I go to menu


and enter new directories for the downloads.

Then exit uTorrent, move the currently pending downloads to the new location

and restart uTorrent?

In other words: Are current downloads fixed to their current location and unmoveable ?


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This process is an overkill if you want to organize like 200 folders

there is a way to automate this process?

i figured that, by copying the new path, the new download location goes instantly, but you still need to point to the directory's real name, one by one (this is the only argument that differs from the path)

so, for example, i first move all directories that was in C:\a to C:\a\test

then i copy the "C:\a\test" and paste at every torrent, for the new download location

but, as i said, i will need to point to the torrent name folder (like C:\a\test\1, C:\a\test\ok, C:\a\test\new torrent...), so i need to do it like twice, one for direct pointing to "C:\a\test", and other to point to torrent name directory (C:\a\test\1 for example)

and this is boring to do

there is some argument that i can use when i paste, that points the new directory directly, without the need to do it mannualy later?

like C:\a\test\%torrentname%, i don't know...

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