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Error cant open file


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i have restored my pc to an earlier date, the torrents downloaded after this date i managed to re associate with uttorent.

Last night i d/loaded 4 these all completed ,but will not re-seed error red X

the files are in my completed file location, when i use add a torrent i can browse to the folder and see the content folder and all the torrent files apart from the 4 i downloaded last night, unless i change from add torrent to :all files:.

Some of the torrent files are named torrent file and some are named loaded file.

I hope this makes sense but its just the files i downloaded last night and are named loaded which will not seed.

thanks in advance


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First I think I understand the problem, but I would like a commentary if I am correct.

The .loaded files you are seeing are from your "auto-load torrents from" folder. This is irrelevant to uT. What you need to check is the other settings "store torrent files in" and "move completed downloads torrents to " option.

If you are unsure where your downloads are stored, you can right click "open containing folder". If this does not work, or if that is not the problem, it is possible the "Status" column tells you specifically what is wrong. If you double click the right edge of the status column it will auto-size to the largest visible width. If it says "error: cannot find torrent at path\to\torrent\which\you\recently\changed" you need to copy the torrent for that file back to that location.

NOTE FOR ADVANCED USERS: You can use the bencoded file editor (linked below) to edit your resume.dat to re-point existing torrents. This however can completely FUBAR your settings, so please make a backup.

Also of course there is the option of removing the torrent job and re-adding it. NOTE HOWEVER THIS WILL REMOVE SAVED SETTINGS/STATISTICS.

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Thanks Jewelidheaven

Further to my las post, when i download a torrent it goes to e:torrents when completed it goes to e:torrents\new, a different folder that has worked well in the past.

When i download and it completes the data and torrent move across to e:torrents\new but the torrent file changes name to ******replica.torrent LOADED FILE

******replica.torrent TORRENT FILE

I think the problem is the renaming of the file when it moves to new folder when it completes it is a torrent file up to this move then its called a loaded file.


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OK. Like i said above, my only experience with .LOADED extension files is torrents which uT has auto-loaded in the "auto-load torrents in this dir" folder but not deleted.

uT does NOT use that torrent for the information. It copies the torrent to its torrent storage folder.

If you are seeing LOADED file (as the filetype) you are hiding file extensions for known file types (Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> "hide file extensions..." and are not looking at the folder uT uses to hold the torrent files.

Also, as stated in the µManual (below) and in Ctrl-P ... torrent storage SHALL NOT be the same as "auto-load torrents in" directories.

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