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Failure - Anti-Cheater, you cannot use this agent!


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well... I got this message a few days ago, out of the blue, on tracker status for all of my downloads and uploads on a private tracker... I have been in contact with the site admin and I was given the advice to check in to my firewall... The funny thing is I haven't changed anything in my firewall config in the last few days... but I tried deactivating both Windows Firewall and the hardware firewall on my router/ADSL modem, no luck... I have tried to download from my laptop that is on the same router, and that worked fine... so I think that the tracker has banned my IP address for some reason... As a side note, I just received a warning for queueing some recent downloads, but I don't think that has anything to do with it... I am running 1,7,5 uTorrent...

any ideas? I heard that this problem occurred in earlier versions of uTorrent but they had fixed it... I have disabled Peer Exchange and Local Peer Discovery, as I had read that was a possible cause... could it just be bad luck and a Windows update has fragged everything up for me?

I also tried on a whim to download Azuerus, I got the same result with that client, so it is either my firewall making suspicious noises on the tracker or that my static IP is banned...

I have forwarded my port correctly also...

I am not a member of any other private trackers so I can't test that, but public tracker downloads work fine, it is just from my desktop computer to the private trackers that is messed up....

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If they are banning specific User-Agents it should be in the tracker forum... notice I say should. If you are in contact with the admin you can also ask about this. If it started suddenly they probably updated their software.

It is possible, however unlikely that they mis-tagged the stable as a bad agent.

That's my first thought anyway.

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