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Computer crashed, now all torrent information gone


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Hiya, my computer became unstable and I was forced to hard-reboot. Now, uTorrent does not load any previously downloaded torrents, or torrents that were downloads in progress. Is there any recovery from this?

My C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\uTorrent directory still contains resume and setting files, but doesn't appear to be reading from them.

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If your uTorrent is running and it did not like the previously saved files, do you see any messages in the logger tab about "settings corrupted"?

Also in that directory do you have .BAD files?

You can check the Bencoded file editor in my signature and load the BAD files to see if it is still a valid file.

Checking the size of them versus the current resume.dat will verify whether or not the torrents have been reset. a "blank" resume.dat is about 3 KB.

Please save a backup of the backup of your files when using the editor. It is not tested under all conditions, but works well when loading/saving/editing keys as far as current user feedback is concerned.

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