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uTorrent plunges my internet connection even with no down/upstream


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i recently moved to cable modem THOMSON TCM425

since then, every time i open uTorrent, i can't work on anything on the internet other than it.

it happens even if i don't download / upload anything.

notice, utorrent upload / download woks perfectly.

tried to reduce max halfopen to 6!!!!

using windows XP

reduced maximum connections,

nothing helps of what i tried.

any ideas?

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Stickies and Faqs mention a procedure involving disabling non essential services such as DHT and LPD in uT as well as decreasing concurrent connections and lowering the half-open which you already mentioned.

Note it could be your Ctrl-G settings. Are you sure it's setup correctly for your connection. Speed tests are in kibits and speeds and sizing for all programs are in KiBytes. You want to make sure you are under the max rated line speed your ISP gave you.

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hmm..... yup, my ctrl+g settings are correct.

what's LPD?

reminder: problem occurs even when i'm not downloading anything- just uTorrent open!

computer statistics okay, normal cpu and memory usage BTW.

what i do see now is that sometimes, for some reason things go okay for a bit, and then thee's a big difference in tracker locating too!

when utorrent goes into grumpy-mode, almost all trackers get timed-out.

and when things go okay, all arrows go green to.

i tried to install a net limiter / tracker to see if there's any suspicious band consumption, tried to force- limit uTorrent, and id does the work fine except, internet still plunjes

99% of time utorrent d/l are at the broadband limit i grant it, and everything else's dead.


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I'm sorry I didn't specifically mention it. Generally inability to do anything else is a result of UPLOAD being set too high.

Else it's a possibility the router is unable to deal with all of the connection attempts.

Local Peer Discovery is a new feature which allows a heuristic algorithm to find peers in your local area/subnet on the torrents you are running (presuming ISPs / networks prefer local traffic to traffic which crosses their boundaries)

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You can disable the option under Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent. That is where you also disable DHT globally to see if those extra connections are what is causing your router to barf.

If those do not help, it is something else.

Double check your modem doesn't have a router built-in and is blocking/mangling your traffic.

If you're not sure the problem is hardware based, feel free to download/run/paste a HiJackThis log into a post.

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