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Disk overload 100% (v1.7.5)


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Hello :)

I signup just for this problem, I found a thread dating over 18 months ago, with last post 4 months, and for 1.6.1 version, so I new post was in place :)

I noticed this the first time yesterday, I choose to only download a sample, it stopped at 99,9% (which is usually do for a second or 2, im an uploader with highspeeds, nothing fishy bout that:) but this time was diffrent, it stopped for ~30 secs, frooze the window and lowered (atm only had 3 torrents active) was like that for 15-20 secs more, was just about to kill ut when it went to 100% and everything went back to normal (other windows, one active movie in vlc, kept running pretty smoothly, didnt freeze, might have slowed down a bit, but nothing major)

Didnt think much off it, my comp is on 24/7 often for 30-40h without restart.

Today, I did the same thing, 1 active, no leeching, choosed to d/l 2 samples (one was same as before) and another of same movie diffrent rls, they both stopped at 99,9% and frooze, this time by "accident" i noticed ut sayin 100% disk overload(thus coming here, after reading the old post) and stayed for that like ~50 sec, nothing else was affected. And comp was freshly restarted (also remove cookies, temp files and cache plus defrag system files at every reboot)

Now to my specs, amd 6000+(3ghz) 4 gig 800 mhz cas4 ram(xp only allocated 3,25 however:D new 500gig samsung for system, rather freshly installed xp, pretty sure I dont have any spyware, use spybot to not get them, remove what slips trough with spyware doctor and avast is checkin real time :)

I also defrag on a regular basis (last time 2 days ago:D

Dont have any firewall active, and can only vagley remember havin this trouble once before and my connection is 83/15mbit (pay for 100/10, but thats whut I get lol:)

I wouldnt come here if it was a 10 gig 1080p thats been d/l in 9Mb/s that writes the last pieces, but 2 files @ ~200mb total is just fishy :(

@ this point, i've had ut disk/cache @ manually 512mb, and checked down the way til, increase if needed.

Would be super helpful for a response, since it sucks, and the thread i read said it should been fixed now :(

Ty in advance /tomten.

EDIT: Forgot, when it stalls @ 99,9% the only other affected thing is my internet connection, it slows down alot while tryin to access any webpage.

Also run cfosspeed 4.05(traffic shaper) never experined any problems with it doh, for 2 years on several machines cept benifits:)

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PIO mode ? :D

Also was looking around some threads, and I downloaded Process explorer mainly for fun lol, and I got an idle cpu usage of above 96% at all times, screen is here, also, it seems that while (excuting), I get a 0.78 hardware interupt and always with the same or double DPCs(dunno what that is)

Checking the link now :)

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Well, thats if you actually have an ide drive :)

I have sata, and checked just for safety aswell, and its dma all the way for my little burner lol :D

And ur first topic didnt bring much light on the subject :(

Everything is brand new, from cpu, mobo, ram, drive :D

Sure, im used to raid5(or atleast 0) and cant really compare, but still shouldnt have this big of a problem, and never experinced it before, from my knowledge, migth show it overnight, but im sleepin then :)

And the last link was one of the ones i've read (see process explorer for fun:)

And checked pio/dma again, says current transfer ultra dma mode 4 or something, and all points to dma, but since it doesnt matter on sata well :D

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"Disk Overload 100%" usually only occurs with download (or upload) speeds greater than 2 MegaBYTES/sec. (requiring a 17+ megabits/sec download connection!)

Forgive me if I'm totally misreading this, but you say you have a 83/15mbit connection? Is that 83 MegaBITS/sec. i.e. 10+ MegaBYTES/sec.? If so, wow!, and it clearly seems to be well over the limit Switeck quotes.

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Yes mbit, my average download is 8500Kb/s (max @ around 10 000Kb/s and my upload is average 1500Kb/s (max at 2100:D

But never had any trouble before, and cept for my raid array (which still isnt moved to this comp) i got a decent setup aswell which shouldnt cramp the comp to that excent, it might well be another problem/program and not UT, but its UT that shows the msg and freezes :/

Also, what is ur tought on the screen i posted ?? 95% IDLE cpu usuage seems an awful lot dont it ? And the 0.76 hardware interupts, normal ? what is DPC ?

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Re. your CPU usage, check the other thread where you just cross-posted (kindly don't). It simply means your processor is way too powerful for the puny tasks you're tossing at it and is lying idle 95% of the time.

Also, don't you mean 8500KB/s?

Anyway, I'll let the admins/mods handle this as I've never faced this problem before (well, never had such a connection before too! ;)) Hope you sort it out!

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No problem... Just trying to help out. BTW, IIRC, there were some cache related issues fixed (?) with the latest 1.8 releases. Not sure if that'll help though, but I guess there's no harm in backing up your uTorrent settings, replacing 1.7.5 with the latest 1.8 alpha and checking.

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Cant use alpha, 2 many private high prio trackers :/

And alpha well, not 2 hot 2 try either :D

Any other suggestions ?

Since yesterday im havin trouble getting some real speed :/

Edit: to add to the confusion, I now had a 90+secs stall @ 99,9%, downloads went down to zero for 30-40 secs, but no msg of disk overload.

For some, this might seem like im complaining at nothing, but its never been like this, im used to instant and no slowdown.

Happy for any ideas :)

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