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Very limited connection to Peers (Upload Speed)


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Hello All,

I have recently upgraded to a new computer, and everything was working great on my old one. I did upgrade to Vista, and now without changing any settings I show only 1 or 2 connections to a peer for all my downloads. I have extremely low upload speeds, but the dL speed is great. I have port forwarding enabled, encryption, and am using the same ISP as before (Cablevision unfortunately). Linksys WRT54GS v4 router...but can only connect to 1-2 peers and never any seeds.

I have the green check mark, but cannot think what is slowing me down. I thought it might be my ISP, but why would that suddenly change after i migrated to Vista? Can it be something in Vista? I have disabled both my router firewall and vista's but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

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Thanks Ajones...

What do you mean by "patched" Tcpip...I did fiddle around a lot with my old computer.

Connection Settings are as follows: Global Max upload speed 160...this was taken form the Utorrent guide of setting up my correct speed etc.. Download set to unlimited (0)

Any more suggestions would greatly be appreciated

Thanks again-

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