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"device not ready"... a suggestion?


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When you get a "device not ready" during a torrent download, it can mean many things.

For instance, I recently experienced a total drive failure, and got the "drive not ready".

What initially escaped me was which drive (I have anywhere from 4 to 6, at any given point in time). It simply didn't occur to me that my "download" drive had "gone missing" <grin>.

I'd suggest adding a test or two to provide a more meaningful message, and ease diagnosis.

It would have been useful if the "logged" error message had told me WHICH drive was "not ready". And it would have helped me find and fix the problem faster <grin>.

Other significant error cases would be: out-of-disk-space, out-of-directory-space, file-already-exists, invalid-file-name, etc.

The above are all viable (albeit relatively rare) situations. However, the "handling logic" would not be "mainstream code", so it ought not impact performance, and it needn't be excessive.

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