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.tor files where should they be?


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uT does not deal with .tor files.

.TORRENT files are stored in %APPDATA%\uTorrent unless specified otherwise.

The ways in which you can change these are in Ctrl-P -> Other

NOTE: changing these settings is only good for NEW torrents.

If you wish to change this for existing torrents in resume.dat you should look for a find and replace hex alternative such as Ultima's Bencoded file editor in my signature. You will have to change all paths for torrent files from the existing directory to the new directory.

Unless you wish to keep torrent files and data together, there is no need to change anything.

The reason is so that you can have your full configuration portable such as explained in the FAQ.

In order to point uT at a new location for downloaded/completed files, in a STOPPED state, right click, advanced -> change download location :D

Hope this answers your questions.

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