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My ISP is hounding me...


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I have Cox Communications and yesterday my account was disabled because of utorrent traffic. They told me that I would have to stop uploading or they would permanently ban my account. The woman on the phone said they didn't care what I was downloading, only uploading.

How do I keep my ISP out of my utorrent traffic? I want to keep seeding and help keep the torrent community going, but I'm afraid that Cox may shut me down. In my area I don't have any other choice, and living without the internet is a fate worse than death.

Help me oh gods of utorrent so that I may continue to serve you and the torrent community.

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You must have a prime line if they're threatening to cut you off...

Yes, finding out what they don't like about your decision to share files will help.

And if they won't tell you there's always the possibility you can create a stink in your local area and online via dslreports.com for example.... Though Azureus Wiki says that they only limit bandwidth for high usage accounts...

If they have moved onto termination threats, this is unwelcome escalation.

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