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Random Disconnects


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I use Cox Communications as my cable internet provider and a Motorola WR850G router. I have windows vista business, but I also encounter the problem on windows XP SP2. Whenever I run uTorrent, my computer will lose connectivity to the internet consistently every few minutes as long as uTorrent is open. This is a full connection loss, uTorrent, Trillian, Firefox... nothing can connect. As soon as I close uTorrent, everything is fine again. This is a pain, as I cannot effectively use the internet while I am torrenting, and it delays my downloads greatly while it spends all this time reconnecting to peers after being dropped. I have correctly forwarded my ports and get the green check mark in the status bar. I have limited my global connections to 200 and turned on uPnP, but nothing seems to help. Thanks for any suggestions!

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