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Upload is higher than download


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Hi, I am using utorrent's latest version 1.7.5. My computer runs on a 6mb connection and I just correctly portforwarded the app. But there is one problem. before without portforwarding, I used to get 70kB download and 10 - 15kB upload.

Now, I am getting on average

10 - 20kB/s - Download

30 - 50kB/s - Upload

I have already set my speed using the speed test provided under the speed guide as x/512 since my speed tests were

6340Kb - Download

495Kb - Upload

The torrent I am downloading is Elder Scrolls Morrowind Game of the Year Edition. I can upload a copy of the torrent if it is needed. Currently the stats are

Seeds - 24(77)

Peers - 41(146

I hope I have provided all the information and I can provide more if needed. Is there anything I am doing wrong or it just the torrent? I had previously downloaded this torrent on 90kB without portforwarding. Thought I would get some speed from portforwarding. Please reply back and sorry if I violated any forum rules. Please don't lock my post >_<

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With a swarm that size, it is not unexpected for you to hit different peers. I do ask though out of curiosity are you ONLY running that torrent.

It appears you have set 65 peers per torrent. That is ... overkill. I personally run between 40 and 50 depending on the swarm, and MOST will tell you "lower is better" where this is concerned. When connected to fast peers 20 connections have no problem maxing out the line speed.

Here's the difference between your OLD settings and your NEW settings.

Providing a forwarded port means you are not firewalled. When you were firewalled you could only connect to unfirewalled peers. Now that you have no firewall you are letting OTHER firewalled peers connect to you. (NOTE: two firewalled peers will not connect).

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No, I have no other torrents running. I read iceman's guide here (even though the forum says its bad) the only reasonable thing was to download 2 - 3 at a time. However I have devoted everything to downloading this one.

I was wondering is there a custom setting to running utorrent to increase the downlaod speed? I know iceman's guide is bad but all over the internet its like the same forumla calculations

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The only way for you to download is to get UPLOAD of other peers.

The best way to ensure that is to make sure your upload is fair and reasonable for your connection speed. Connecting to too many peers and upload slots will get you snubbed. But if you upload consistently to the peers in the swarm proportionately to the others' upload you will theoretically be getting their upload speed as well.

I regularly trade @ .250 ratio with people who have 1 Mbit or higher upload, but because I upload to them @ a reasonable speed (15 KiBps) they routinely help me hit 2 Mbit down.

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