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uTorrent is not limiting download or upload


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AHHA! that did it.

You notice the taskbar lists L: figure. You want Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent -> Limit local peers :D

Edit: Were you expecting the peers connected to you to be considered "local" to your area/region/ISP ??

I've never seen a real-live local peer. I've made some through loopback and LAN addresses, but never a real-live one in a swarm :)

If however you wish to keep good speeds to them don't enable the local throttling, but be advised that's why you are downloading faster than you set it up to be :cool: I wish I could find a local peer on any of my swarms.

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Thank you guys, that solved.


Actually I didn't even see that option, but would be surprising to find a local peer in a swarm (I'm always checking the peers connected to me since they put the flags thing, which is kinda cool)

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