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Speed won't go over 30kB/s Please help


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There is a sticky for D-Link routers. Also searching for your model may help.

By chance do you have "Download Limited" in the lower left part of the task bar? If so your only problem is upload speed. You are limiting your upload too low. Please set it up according to Ctrl-G standards and only tweak from there. (Read as: lower/increase connections & upload slots to suit your handling of uT) Those who run LOTS of torrents lower slots, those who run only one may increase connections and slots...

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Be sure you are setup correctly. If the torrents @ OpenOffice max your speed but other swarms don't, it's the swarm.

The main limiting factor for efficient usage of bandwidth using the bittorrent protocol is upload.

Are you really sure about your upload connection?

Even download speed will be crippled if you set upload speed max too low or too high.

If you want a critique of your current settings, list them from Ctrl-P -> Connection or the Speed Guide (Ctrl-G). Generally speaking those who have problems have any of these problems: overloaded torrents, overloaded peer connections, overloaded upload slots, too much upload bandwidth trying to be utilized, software firewalls, hardware settings, and ISP mangling.

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What is your connection's rated upload speed?

Limit concurrent connections per torrent to 50 for starters, and multiply that by your total running torrents under Queueing for global.

Those two settings at the least will help you get more throughput.

Please check out the How-To .

mister55 How much download does your ISP give you your rated speed is 3 Mbit down. If you only get that from your ISP you can't go any higher.

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