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"No connections" traingle indicator, tried everything pls HELP


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This is too all those ar great users wit utorrent etc!

I tried everthing i can imagine of!

The utorrent shows a yellow triangle indicator - "no incoming connections"

I have enabled encryption and i hav port forwarded by port as said in the www.portforward.com! also im using Win XP SP2

and also i have made expections / allowed all connections from AV - Norton 360 and i have put utorrent under expections in Windows Firewall!

and by da way im using Dlink 2640 T router!!! i tried port forwarding by adding the rules 2 my router etc!! pls HELP

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling utorrent cos it worked 1 time! but nope not dis time!!!! i hav been using Avast pro 4 some time and had no such probs wit utorrent until i unistalled and put Norton 360, thinking it was some O/S prob i formatted my comp also but still goddamn problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone out there - pls HELP i really need 2 download some movies soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

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First, stop, close your eyes, breathe in and out, and r-e-l-a-x.

Second, try a torrent from OpenOffice to see what happens.

If your settings in hardware and software allow incoming connections you will see your status icon go green. If not, you need to start diagnosing where the problem lies.

Also when reporting additional information, speaking in complete sentences and avoiding extra "!" is preferred.

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jewelisheavan - thankz 4 da info and tips... dude i get my full connection speed (52 kB/s) via a torrent from openoffice.org but my amber indicator is still dere, then i installed the open office exe and my speed just increased to a max of 30 kB/s rather than 20 kB/s which was da speed when amber indicator is lit, it doesn't turn green. i checked statistics in utorrent it shows no outgoing or incoming new connections were made! pls dude explain!

also i get these blocks from Norton 360 but i don't know wht dere are! pls c em and tell me if anything is wrong!

Default Block - Inbound NetBIOS

Default Block - Inbound NetBIOS Name

Default Block - Inbound and Outbounf ICMP

Default Block - Windows File Sharing

Default Block - Microsoft Windows 2000 SMB

Default Block - EPMAP

Default Block - Inbound and Outbound ICMPV6

Default Block - Web Services on Devices

Default Block - LLMNR

Default Block - Web Service Discovery

Default Block - SSDP

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The OOo torrent doesn't do a thing to your settings. It tells anyone trying to help you where the problem lies. This is due to the fact that the OOo is a small (~ 100 MB) file by torrenting standards AND that the peers they seed it with are unfirewalled (you will be able to connect irregardless if YOU yourself are firewalled).

PLEASE note if you are behind a hardware firewall (router) with default BLOCK all AND accept rules a software firewall is doing nothing more but encumbering your computer experience. Also note the Incompatible Software list of programs and similar programs which will interfere with uTorrent's ability to function properly.

The green checkmark will only happen when you are not running a firewall (not advised) OR when the firewall is configured properly. The second link under Ultima's How-To give examples posted by users. If you're using a router Portforward.com has extensive lists of guides (µTorrent is even in every list I checked - under 'U').

THOSE procedures will hopefully change your status icon from the exclamation to the checkmark. After you change your firewall settings, feel free to check with the OpenOffice torrent again :D

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i think i finally got a break!!thankz 4 all da help people!! but my utorrent started working all of a sudden and i think i did this - i used TuneUp Utilities 2008 the new working version via a torrent and used TuneUp System Optimizer - Accelerate Downloading and Uploading speeds!! then my utorrent suddenly came 2 the triangle amber indicator from the RED indicator " No incoming connection" then i gave my comp a restart and voila utorrent is now giving the green tick indicator " Your Network Connection is Working like it should " so dude i advice if u could just give it a try (omarbravo) u might hav sum luck!!! and of all thankz jewelisheavan for all ur support and all the great service u ar doing for this forum!! THANK U VERY MUCH :lol: :cool:

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