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Multiple .torrent with same name pointing to different file cause ERR


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I opened many torrents with same .torrent name but referring to different file. (They were different chapter of a book all being downloading in the same subfolder). I did not save .torrent on hard, only opened directly.

I had set utorrent to move completed files and torrents to another dir.

If i start more than 1 torrent at a time after downloading few KB i have "Error: the process cannot access the file because it has been used by another process".

If i wait until a torren complete then i can start the next without problems.

Probably the solution would be an internal auto renaming feature for same name files (ad example: aaa(1) aaa(2) aaa(3)) as seen on some download manager.


ADDED: it refuses to move completed files in completed dir. It seems like it is trying to move the whole dir, and it can't cause other files from the other torrents are being downloaded there (cause they refer to the same \book dir).

If u need i can zip u the torrents.

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