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something is wrong with my speed


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hi i am going out of my mind i have tried all of the read mes and all of the setup guides and also some of the things on this part of the forum about my speed from u torrent.

firstly i use a netgere wireless router to connect my pc and laptop to the wireless network that my isp is virgin / telewest.

i have u torrent installed on both the laptop and the pc and this problem with the slow speed is the same on both the laptop and the pc. the pc i am using windows xp and on the laptop it is vista.

i have setup a static ip on both and alos done the port forwarding in the router settings which all seem to be fine .

on the utorrent programme the status indicator at the bottom is a green circle with a tick in it which suggests all is well but my download speed is only 0.03 to 2.6 kB/s

so i pressed on the status indicator thing at the bootom and did the test if port is forwarding and it says error port does not appear to be open!

so that may be why i am getting slow speeds but how do i fix this. i dont have any firewalls on i have turned them off on both the laptop and pc.

i cant understand why the status light says network is ok but when i run the port test it says error port not open and i do not know how to fix this now i have been trying for 3 days. earlier on today i thaught i had fixed it because i got download speed of 536kB/s but that only lasted for about 10 mins and then without me changing any settings or anything the speed died again

please help i am ready for packing in with the utorrent and torrents all together becaus ei dont see any way to fix this

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