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My C drive memory is completly full after about 3 days.. pls help


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Hi there,

I installed utorrent a few days ago and started downloading movies etc... however my C drive is now totally full. I am using vista so perhaps this may be a factor? I have searched for answers and have come accross suggestions relating to memory leak??

So i uninstalled my firewall - this was the suggestion from the help option on utorrent. Firstly Im not 100% if I have even done this correctly. I uninstalled my entire McAfee security centre, and tried to uninstall the windows firewall but I dont think i managed it.

My PC is now very slow in general and i cant download anything..

Any guidance would be great!



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Hi Jewelisheaven..thanks for your comments..

Its not the diskspace but my entire hardrive that is full. My hardrive is telling me that it has 1GB left out of 69GB - and it was about 5GB full a few days ago. My PC is only a few months old....

utorrent is telling me i dont have sufficient memory for any more downloads..

Apologies if my explanantion is p*nts

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Yes, diskspace = harddrive. You've been downloading to your C drive, and now it is full, it is out of diskspace. This is not a µTorrent problem, you're just trying to download more than what you have room for on your drive. If you have a second drive or partition with free space, download new torrents to this other place, or use jewelisheaven's suggestion to move your current downloads to the other partition/drive.

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Even unfinished downloads often have to allocate the entire space for their completed length...at least if they're over 50% downloaded...due to their non-sequential download nature.

So lots of unfinished downloads may be filling up your drive.

Have you run a disk checker program on the supposedly full drive to see if it can recover some free space?

Have you emptied your c:\windows\temp folder in a while?

Or has Disk Cleanup been run lately?

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