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portforward not working?


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Hi there,

I pd for the software to set this up as it was suggested by an icon on the info bar on utorrent. i have selected the utorrent application, clicked on 'forward this application' then clicked the update router option.. however it keeps stopping at:

"could not log onto your router, check username and password"

I made a query via PFConfig but have not gotten a response.. maybe Iv been scammed?

Anyone experienced similar issues or have any advice pls?



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Hi Newbie 2008 (Cormac)

Do you know your username and password for your router?

I use Motorola. You can set up your own username and password, but you don't have to. I think alot of them are like this. I can use the general Username: router

and Password: router

So, give router a try and see if it works even if it isn't a motorola you use.

And don't expect to ever hear anything from the folks who run PFconfig. I have written several times and have yet received a response.

If the above username and password doesn't work for you, call the telephone company or internet service (whoever you have the router through) and ask them for the web address to access the router as well as the username and password.

PFconfig doesn't have portforwarding information on every router out there. I'm still waiting for them to update their system to include my router.

Good luck.

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