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Anyone willing to help with port problem?


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OK that is a different problem. If under "Status" column in the torrent pane you see inactive or stopped or queued, it means your Ctrl-P -> Queue settings are keeping you from downloading.

What you want to do is make sure the torrents you WANT are within the range.

Generally speaking the lower number of active torrents the better your speeds are.

On ANY connection I recommend 3 max downloads and up to 5 total as long as you are using upload slots which give EACH PEER you connect to (6 torrents @ 1 slot each = 6 peers) at least 5 KiBps.

that can accomodate a .25 Mbit upload line.

If you want to keep slow speeding lots of torrents increase that if you have a higher upload, OR if you keep the SAME NUMBER of torrents, increase the number of slots ;)

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Still have the little orange triangle at bottom center of screen, says "no incoming connections." I have read that it may be a problem with Qwest DSL blocking torrents. Or could it be that I am stuck between the wireless gateway and the actual modem on my gt701wg actiontec?

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