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Sync files/folder between China <-> Europe using torrent ...


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Hi together.

I work at a company (Europe) with an office in China. Sometimes we have to share files with China. Rsync was really slow (2-5kb/s), same as FTP (6-10kb/s, also broken files). So I did transfertests with Bittorrent on our testsystems (8-10 PCs) with many incomming VPN-Connections from China (4-6) and 1 uTorrent client on every machine. It worked superb! The Speed growed up to 200 kb/s.

Now I want this screnario only with 1 client on each side but with multiple port usage as descripted above. Instead of a VPN connections we setup to forward special port (+ip) request from outsite into the inside running client with multiple port(s). Is there a client out which support this szenario? Or is there a trick to force a bittorrent client to use more then one tcp connection to another host? Any other ideas how I could establish a multi-port-connection with China to do a Sync via Bittorrent?

(China: Bad pingtime (400 ms +), connection unstable (5-19% drops!)).

Thank you for any ideas/solutions.

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uTorrent by DEFAULT disables multiple connections per IP.

Also the bittorrent protocol is a unique idea in this regard over such an unstable connection because you are ensured byte-for-byte copies of source files.

There is an option to specify port ranges to use for client connections (net.outgoing_port and net.outgoing_max_port) but incoming connections all happen on the port you specify under Ctrl-G settings.

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