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TCP/IP patch and Vista SP1


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Since I switched to x64 Vista I've been running the x64 patch version 1.5 from mydigitallife. All seems fine EXCEPT that I cannot apply certain windows updates without losing my internet connect ability. I have kept a list of these updates and simply didn't apply them. They are: KB932596 KB938979 KB941649 KB943078. It is my understanding that all of these updates will be including in SP1 for Vista, so we're gonna have these problems all over again.

Are there new versions of this patch that will allow me to update my Vista system regularly?

It is my understanding that the first 2 patches on that list specifically disallow the patched TCP/IP stack as well as unsigned drivers, both which I need to run my system. I have to admit that I didn't do much research on the last 2 updates on the list, I simply removed them and all seems well.

I want to tell you all that I am by no means any kind of expert in this TCP/IP stuff, but I would surely like to apply all of the Vista updates rather than applying them one at a time to see if they screw with my internet connection.


TC Harp

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Just to comment on this as I see people having trouble with the tcpip.sys at other forums as well. It doesn't slow you download speeds so why do you guys bother? MS had made it quite clear with the last couple of updates that they are not backing down in securing the TCP/IP stack & tcpip.sys files. And personally I'm glade they are finally getting on the ball with security. To me its not worth it to play this game with them.

And to the post above me, I'm sorry but I'm not running a program from China that messes with parts of my OS like that. I'll run Chinese software as long as my various security programs don't find anything. But that crackTcpip.sys Driver is just asking for trouble.

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