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Speed terribly slow! average 0.2kB/s at most! please help...


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This is my 1st post, and i'm a real noob at this thing, sorry bout it.

I've done everything on da setup guide

52 Kbps or 0.1 Mbps (6 kB/s) -this is my test result at testmy.com(average of several tests)

i tried setting my speed at 56k and xx/64k but it says download limited at da bottom.

i tried 96k and there's no 'download limited' warning

either way, all of these speeds provide me with only .2kB/s at most.

i tested with openoffice just like da setup guide says but da most i cud get is 0.5 or 0.7kB/s...

please help..

oh yeah, btw, i'm now in malaysia. My service provider is tm.net.my and its listed in the bad isp list, but da only bad thing abot my service provider(according to da list) is that it limits bandwith for bittorrent.. is this the source of my problem? and if it is, then does it mean that i'm not able to get good speeds with any torrent clients forever under this isp?

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If you forwarded your port correctly, and you ran the openoffice torrent and only got sub-par speeds it is possible you will not get much more during that timeframe.

Did you notice the icon for the network status? If it's green, you don't have anything else to setup. You can re-check the OpenOffice torrent at different times/days to see if your ISP throttles based upon a schedule for your area.

IF not, you should re-apply the forwarding settings relevant for your connection (if you have a router, make sure your IP is on the receiving end).

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Hello, jewelisheaven..thx for the reply.

Yup, i checked the network status, it's definitely green, and it says network ok and it's working like it's supposed to be..

uhm, u said

're-apply the forwarding settings relevant for your connection (if you have a router, make sure your IP is on the receiving end).'

could u help me on this, coz i dunno how to do it.. thx..

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Sure thing, but just to reiterate how did uTorrent work on the openoffice torrent? The reason I suggested checking during multiple times/days is that through detective work it may be possible to schedule uTorrent AROUND certain overload/capped times on your ISP.

For example: if you can only download @ 5 KiBps max during daylight hours on weekdays, 10 during weeknights, and 15 during weekends you can set uTorrent up automatically for that.

Understand, if uTorrent can get incoming connections then that means you can connect to more people. Another possibility for problems is the Ctrl-G settings, they may be overloading your connection. Please run a speed test (Ctrl-G) from dslreports.com or speedtest.net . The important number is the UPLOAD speed, which you should set under the drop-down menu. See if changing that increases your speed.

The following would apply if you DIDN'T see the green network status:

First you need to know your internal IP address and what make/model router you have for the following guide. From there you can go to Portforward and see their guides with pictures for your router. If they don't have the exact model a close one will do. Generally "Port Forwarding" or "Virtual Server" are the options you need to enable port forwarding.

So following that guide you will generally have to go through three steps:

1) Checking/setting up your static internal IP address

2) Setting up the forwarding ports FOR said IP address

3) Making sure nothing else is interfering

Ultima's full How-To shows a full list of options to proceed through.

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