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Seeding problems !


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Hello ! I have 100/100MBiT and i just dont seed my torrents.

I have NO router/firewall or antivirus.

I have the latest version of uTorrent.

I´ve tried every guide i can find (even the guide from this forum) and i just dont seed.

My ISP dont have a problem with p2p, its ok with them. When i setup a FTP server on my computer my friends ALWAYS hade very, very good speed when they are downloading from me.

I have also tried to set my download speed very, very low so im in the swarm longer but it dont help.

I´ve tried public and locked trackers, and i always take the torrent that have the MOST leechers and not so many seeders.

Nothing, i mean nothing that i tried works and i really need expert help with this.

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