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Hi this is a wiki for Azureus for helping on throttling isp's, would there be something similar we could do with utorrent?

Note: This is level is available from Azureus onwards.

Level 5 is only intended for people who have problems with a specific traffic shaping method employed by sandvine traffic shaping hardware, see Bad ISPs if this applies to you. The premise of this method is to minimize the amount of unencrypted information leaked. To enable it select following settings:

1. Tools -> Options -> Connection -> Transport Encryption

* Enable require encryption

* Select RC4

* Disable both fallback checkboxes

2. Tools -> Options -> Tracker -> Client

* Enable Do not announce the listening port to the tracker

* Set the peer limit to a low figure, start with 1 or 2

* set the Minimum time between tracker announces to 900 for example

3. Adjust DHT settings (2 mutually exclusive alternatives):

* Disable the DHT:

Go to Tools -> Options -> Plugins -> Distributed DB and uncheck Enable the distributed database

* Try to get more peers via DHT:

Go to Tools -> Options -> Plugins -> Distributed Tracker and uncheck Only track normal torrents[...]

4. Try to seed a torrent you haven't seeded within the last few hours or so before applying these settings

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All of this is already implemented in uT... except for "do not announce listening port to tracker"...

If I"m understanding that right it means you can ONLY connect to other people.. essentially blocking you from firewalled peers... and it makes forwarding your ports moot.

These is a new feature to eliminate RST interference by automatically setting up an IPv6 address in the 1.8 line... Link here Note, it is only effective with other 1.8 peers who have the feature installed/enabled.

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