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Settings help pls


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Bell Canada is still going to butcher your speeds regardless of settings you use...however you'll get more download speed and upload speed with considerably fewer connections than the default xx/640k amounts.

Probably 40 per torrent and 130 global connections...or even a bit less.

Have you tried Ultima's Troubleshooting Guide?:


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I'll check all that guys and get back Thanks again, I know Bell will still butcher my speeds,but doesn't mean we can go down without a fight somewhere, you get the idea.Icon is always green . what about the checkmarks for dht and other in that box area?


Thks I'll get back

Ok so I checked with the openoffice file it started out at 5kb and in the first image above I unchecked all 6 boxes, the downloads went up to 30kb than slowly up to 100 ,than up again to 150 ,and up and down for awhile than up to 246 and it went back down to 150 where it stayed ,not exactly where it should be downloading but so-so anyways.

I have 140 30 4 for above numbers at top

Any ideas guys?

Anyone pls??

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