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Strange speed problems being caused by uTorrent


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Hello, I've been getting some strange speed problems with uTorrent. Whenever I try to use it, I get the yellow triangle NAT error, and my download speed rarely gets higher than 0.1 kb/s (if at all). I've configured my router to work with uTorrent (just like it shows in the port forwarding page), and it doesn't work. The stranger part is that this problem also causes my overall internet connection to really really slow down (only when uTorrent is online). If it helps, I've also been having some problems playing WoW (causing me strange disconnections, I had to change some network driver settings in order to be able to play), though the WoW problem doesn't have anything to do with uTorrent.

My router model is DI-614+ (wireless router, I'm connected locally), connected to a bridge so that it can access the internet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I should note that this problem has only started occurring recently, prior to this, my uTorrent worked fine (as did WoW). Also regular downloads, and other games (TF2 works fine, for instance) work fine..

Oh, and one more thing, my ISP is not in the bad list.

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I am running Bit Defender, but the problem that is being described in the section (A socket operation encountered a dead network) doesn't happen to me, so I'm guessing that this isn't part of the issue.

My mobo is: AN8 Series(NF-CK804), however, my chipset is nvidia (damn),

Here's some more info if you wanna know:

Chipset Vendor: Nvidia Corp

Chipset Model: nForce4 Memory Controller

South Bridge: nForce4 PCI to ISA Bridge

SMBus: Nvidia Corp nForce4 SMBus @1C00h

SMBus: Nvidia Corp nForce4 SMBus @B000h

My CPU is x86, not dual core.

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